2023 Reunion


1968 was the Era of Social Change.   Many very terrifying, gratifying, and pacifying things took place during our senior year.   We were divided about war, drugs, and domestic changes.   We had to balance our lives between political choices, family, friends, school, church, and our love life.  Each was important and we had to find the middle road or take more radical views.  It did divide us into groups for or against certain causes.  The one thing that held us together was School Spirit.  We were all Salinas High School Cowboys.  Some classmates were turning into Hippies, Aggie, Preppies, Writers, Poets, Actors, Journalists, Politicians, Republicans, or Democrats but we were all in the struggle together to graduate from good old SHS.  That bond lives on today.  We look back at 1968 and know we had something special.  We survived. Forget old hurt feelings and remember the good times we had at SHS.  We are special and have special friends.  School Spirit and Pride held us together at sporting events, academics, the arts, and music.   When we walked through the front door until we went home we were “The Senior Class of 1968”.  We may have changed since then but one thing will always remain the same “Go, Cowboys”.


Bloomfield, Kooper & Stills – Electric Blues/Psychedelic Soul.  Just kick back and enjoy …
If I am able to be whisked back let me arrive where this Album is being recorded.
Did you have one of these on your bedroom wall?




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