2023 Reunion

Not sure if this is going to happen. Talk about it with fellow class members to find out. After 55 years you would certainly think we would all have something to talk about.  Want to catch up on the gossip and compare stories of the past present and future?   Be there or be square.

This is your webmaster’s attempt at humor.  The committee has not discussed this as an option.  So smile and go with it …. Better than a knock knock or dead baby joke. Now we know by 2023 we will all be 72 to 80 years old…. Depending how many grades you failed. That is if we are still here. Some husbands will be 80 or 25 if you are a cougar.  There is an alternative to driving, flying, dog sledding, thumb-tripping, back to Salinas. Who is for a Virtual Reunion on Zoom? Being fully dressed is mandatory.  Have some fun in the meantime and use the App and know what you are doing on the BIG NIGHT.

You can use a picture as a background. So get a good one.  Suggestions: 

  • Beatle concert
  • Cave
  • Hawaii
  • Yellow Submarine
  • Top of Mt. Everest
  • Bottom of Grand Canyon
  • Salinas High School ..THEN OR NOW

The Advantages:

  • You do not have to diet
  • If the diet does or does not work you won’t have to buy new clothes
  • Incontinence is not an issue
  • You won’t have to dance with “You know who”
  • and…. you do not have to talk to or be nice to that idiot again…

The Disadvantages:

  • The facelift worked and no one will notice
  • You have a Rolls Royce and no one will see it
  • You cannot be close to your old girlfriend/boyfriend
  • You spent $500 at Arthur Murray Dance Studio to finally dance at a class party….

We can discuss the news from 1968

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