Share Your Story

The whole matter of us being divided into groups and having intensely personal struggles gave us inspirations in our lives.  A wonderful project for the Class of ’68 is  to encourage its members to write about their own experiences.  We had friends whose stories had such an impact on all of us.  Their personal stories gave us wisdom to teach our sons and daughters important life lessons.  Our classmates, whether for or against,  taught us lessons of personal courage about the Vietnam War, Civil Rights, and Cultural Changes. Others shared the profound experience of embracing their race, religion, ethnicity, or sexuality after being ashamed of it as a child.  And, then, there are the less apparent stories of those of us who were lucky enough to learn work and responsibility at an early age because we had to.   Whether we write or find a way to tell our stories  as traditional storytellers, these are the treasures of our time that would be wonderful to relate.

This website may not be the place for all of this, but it may be a place to stimulate thought about telling our stories.   It is on a volunteer basis.  If you do not want to that’s cool.

If you can or cannot make it to your reunion please be there in spirit.  What do you want to share with your fellow classmates?

We do have a forum for the Lighter Side of Life.

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