In Memoriam

This is a very old list. If others have passed away no one asked to update it.

We will all be on this list eventually.

The Comfort and Sweetness of Peace.
After the clouds, the sunshine.
After the winter, the spring.
After the shower, the rainbow.
For life is a changeable thing.
After the night, the morning.
Bidding all darkness cease.
After life’s cares and sorrows
the comfort and sweetness of peace.

  • Paula Abbott Wingfield
  • Vivian Abe Van Aken
  • David Abney
  • Marty Alameda
  • Steve Bashline
  • Dennis Bolling
  • Susan Nolan Brenas
  • Gary Davis
  • Mary DeHaven
  • Mark Diorio
  • Sandy Donovan
  • Rodney Egbert
  • Terry Evans
  • Marsha Fuqua
  • Raymond Hack
  • Christine Honan
  • George Iman
  • Karen Joest Cortez
  • Arlene Johnson Conn
  • Greg Kampa
  • Ricky Lambert
  • David Lane
  • Stephanie Lewis
  • Barbara Lourentzos Jarvis
  • Suzanne Merlow
  • Antonio Muzzi
  • Arthur O’Looney
  • Debbie Parker Marbach
  • Sandra Peterson
  • Linda Pia
  • Susan Sue Pieri Abney
  • Charryn Ploetz Alexander
  • Raymond Peter Puck
  • Susan Barbara Rasmussen
  • Nancy Reed
  • Paul L. Robinson
  • Tom L. Schallich
  • Daryl R. Seefeldt
  • Danny Tims
  • Dennis Townsend
  • Raymond Urquides
  • Carolyn White Hirt
  • Sharon Bryson
  • Jerry Jordan
  • Deobrah McRhoads
  • Leland Ramsey

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