We Are Looking For

Where in the World is, no not Carmen Sandiego or Waldo, but these guys.

Help Us Find Our Class Mates….

Please NOTE this is a very old list and some may have already been found.  Not saying we stopped looking.

  • Janet Wynne Bennett
  • Laurel Lee Betz
  • Pamela Sue Bradley
  • Lucy Perez Caliva
  • Cherlita Sacro Cauntay
  • Ronald Clontz
  • Ryan Giles Cook
  • Charles Cortez
  • Peggy Louise Cranford
  • Terry Marie De La Torre
  • Rick Ricky Flores
  • James Thomas Foster
  • Michael Gale
  • Peter Gomez
  • Norma Jean Gonzales
  • Stephen Gordon Grimes
  • Jane Griner
  • Rene Steven Guyot
  • Linda Hilliard
  • Marsha Rae Hollingshead
  • Elaine June Jensen
  • Diane Pauline Jimenez
  • Richard Lorono
  • Ann Hong Lue
  • Colleen Rose McNary
  • Jerry Anthony Medina
  • Sherrill Joane Miles
  • Nenita del Monte Quiambao
  • Martha Ramirez
  • Daniel R. Ramirez
  • Nancy Ann Rhodes
  • Jonathan N. Rowland
  • Linda Joann Sagun
  • Kathy Susan Santiago
  • Janet Emile Saunders
  • Stanley George Scarpa
  • Robert P. Schubert
  • Gordon Burr Scott
  • Jerry James Sierra
  • Audie Lynn Smithey
  • Susan Thienpondt
  • Lorinda Velarde
  • Maria Grazia Venturini
  • Timothy Dale Watson
  • Dave Fletcher Williams
  • Randy Leroy Wright
  • Sue Wright
  • Sylvia Zarco

*Married Name

Put on those detective hats and search the world for these guys.  Let them know we are looking for them or give us a clue.   Contact The Reunion Committee.

It is a big world so you had better get started.

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